YYY is a lil' thing I run with a handful of designer friends where we collaborate to work on projects of greater scope. This gets us projects with deadlines and budgets that are typically tricky to work on individually, and to produce work beyond our own means. Think of it as a bespoke studio that can scale to handle anything - almost. As it stands now we've done everything from entire complete brand identity and strategy, to articulated design pieces.


For Cannacrave, we were uniquely involved at a pre-natal stage. As such, we had a unique insight and ability to build a brand that perfectly reflected the product, service, and its owners exactly as they wished. We produced everything from the brand identity itself, guidelines of all sorts, tons of collateral, websites, and more. You know the drill. Just about the only thing we didn't do was print and cut all the packaging ourselves.
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Kids? Learning? Textbooks? We did it. Not only did we design a series of three textbooks for Logics Academy and the Matatalab coding educational toy, we built a system for non-designers so that they could continue to produce beautiful and functional textbooks to flesh out the rest of the product line.

Canafast & Grabbakush

Cannabis again! Our team was responsible of branding and collateral for this pair of sister brands. We worked hard to keep them completely distinguished from one another so that their individual strengths (and demographic appeal) would shine through strong and support successful businesses. I think I speak for all of YYY when I say we would have loved more subtlety in the name, but you can't argue it doesn't tell you exactly what you're getting.
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