The majority of my time at D1 was spent as the sole designer on a very tightly knit social team. The period when I started was a big moment of change for the team and company, so I was afforded a lot (like a lot a lot) of clients and work to get done. Taco Bell, Sony, Acura, Ikea, a half dozen Arterra brands, a bunch of non Arterra liquor brands, and more were some of the clients I got to shake hands with, in the sense that I did a ton of work for them. The key takeaway was that my design, motion, and 3d skills allowed me to really diversify and help elevate each client's content past where one might expect social to go.
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Taco Bell

My biggest client at D1. I spent my time working with Taco Bell on pre and post production of assets, art directing shoots, making social content, and craving tacos like 24/7. Our social-first perspective lead us to stay nimble, keeping ahead of trends and creating engagingly-taco-bell-y content. I don't like to brag, but it's my hands you see in many shoots, maybe I should add taco-hand-model to my CV as well.


Amongst the top clients worked with at my time at dentsu, Acura's premium-modern look provided great contrast to Taco Bells grungy style. A lot of my time was spent building and adapting assets for social use, with a particular highlight being the social art-direction of the Acura Type-S coffee by yours truly.
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Misc. work

At Dentsu I did a lot of work - and I mean a lot. Social moves fast. I probably spent twice the number of hours you're supposed to and produced 4 times the amount of content you could in that time. Here are some highlights of certain assets produced by me for all manor of clients. Some are campaign highlights, some are one-offs.

Other work