My time at T&P was spent as a designer on their creative team. In particular I spent a lot of time building out visual directions for projects of all sorts. I worked with great clients like Telus, Canada Post, Purolator, Toyota, Mars, and more. Below you can see just a few of the works produced at my time at the agency.
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The&Everything card

An unbelievably fun exploration. You ever get tired of having to get a card for every single occasion? Like why do they even print the birthday on the card if they know you'll need a different card every single year? Our solution was to build a card that was perpetual in it's usefulness, and never-ending-ly flexible.

Tech the halls

Provided with some art direction and with a focus on distinctly holiday themes, tech the hall was my first project with Telus. I was responsible for designing and theming the stores for the holiday season, with displays, wraps, and other collateral getting the store covered in holiday spirit. These retail displays went up in stores all over Canada, although it seemed every single store decided to install the pieces in a different orientation hahaha.

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