Believe it or not, I spend some of my free time still doing design stuff. Here are some projects and past works from a variety of contracts and personal work. Each project has an interesting story behind it, and if you're ever curious hit me up and we can chat about it.
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I love pens — fancy, shiny, expensive pens, but how can I convince someone else to spend so much money on a writing utensil, just for them to be missing 50% of what you need to even use it? Plus they're just going to throw it into their case and get it all scratched up. If only there was an affordable and elegant solution to all these problems at once. Hey wait a minute... In this project I developed a bundle and packaging that makes getting into the hobby easy.

Belt Buddy

A retail packaging solution to a problem no one even knew existed, the Belt Buddy is a product that fights the concept of disposable packaging by turning it into something re-usable and functional. How the hell else are you supposed to keep your belts organized and rolled up without them slowly uncoiling and filling up all your dresser space? I need that space for socks damn it!
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I made this short artefact to talk about myself. narcissistic, I know. The book is about me and what drives me as a designer and creative. I would recommend you have a run through it but I've only ever printed the one copy, and I could give you a less conceited version over a zoom call in maybe five minutes.


I love to draw. I try to put something on a page at least once a day, even if it sucks. I'm particularly a fan of raw ink & wash sort of stuff, but I'm proficient with full colour and digital illustration as well.
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Grab bag of work

I've done a lot of stuff. Too much stuff too give each highlight it's own — well, highlight. So here's a big lightbox full of a bunch of stuff that didn't get it's own spotlght. Be warned, once you click there's a lot to go through.
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Other work